DUAP- Quality is based on History

The history of DUAP is a story of continuity on the one hand and flexibility on the other. Since its establishment in 1943 DUAP has manufactured injection nozzles. The first customer was the leading tractor manufacturer in Switzerland.

Since 1963 DUAP have made co-operation agreements with some of the most important engine builders, for example Sulzer brothers, S.E.M.T. Pielstick and Wärtsilä for whom DUAP has developed and produced modern injection systems for their engines.

During this time injection systems for Diesel engines of all power ranges have been delivered throughout the world covering the complete scope of applications, Marine, Traction, Stationary, Automotive, and Aeronautical. Based on its extensive experience DUAP is pushing forward with its own research and development into new areas of material processing.



Move to present factory

Commencement of high precision manufacture (turned parts from drilling machines)

First pump injector built by DUAP

Continuous extension of own heat treatment plant

Focus on EFI Diesels with manufacture of trial samples and testing equipment

Building of the first Piezo Common Rail injector

Launching of the new high quality DUATOP product range

Market introduction of the DUARAIL common rail system with modular construction, own high pressure pumps (up to 2000 bar), high pressure piping systems and rails, injectors and electronic controls.

Introduction of the RECON for EFI diesels

DUARAIL introduced in China

New production building 2700m2

Renewal of production technologies

Introduction Medical Certification ISO 13485

DUARAIL and DUATRON introduced in USA and Europe

Company Philosophy

It is important for our customers to know what sort of a company we are and how we approach our responsibilities in business.

Man stands at the centre of our philosophy. To identify correctly his wishes and complex problems and to offer solutions for these, is in the interests of both parties. We have to listen! «Give and Take» is an intrinsic part of all partnerships and from this stems the AVSP (added value sharing partnership) Philosophy.