With the reconditioning of injectors, pumps and pressure valves we offer the engine builder an additional service. Parts operating under high pressures, must be machined with the greatest precision and assembled under clinically clean conditions. As part of our policy to ensure the economic use of resources we offer a reconditioning service for these products at planned intervals which have been agreed with our customers.

In this way we are able to control the function of injection components which have already been in operation for a long time, and we guarantee optimal reconditioning in our dust free assembly rooms
with the result that we can offer an «as new» guarantee for the additional operating hours.

Everything From One Source

Alles aus einer Hand

Our specialised workforce forms the basis of our high precision manufacture of injection systems and components to ± 2/10,000 mm.
Our scope of supply covers everything from the planning of new developments, production in our own high precision machine centre, heat treatment, stringent quality control up to and including a highly effective world-wide distribution network.