High Precision Parts (Machining)

DUAP is a specialist in high precision machining. Our extensive experience combined with our modern and flexible work centres ensure the highest quality in all processing areas from turning and milling to heat treatment and the finest finishing processes such as grinding, lapping, remaining and honing. Irrespective of whether non-ferrous metals or high value tool steels are to be machined, DUAP will meet even the most unusual demands.

Our machining centre is equipped with «state of the art» drilling machines.
They form the basis for a successful co-operation. Everyday we gain new experience from the processing of high precission parts.

We machine:

  • Rotationally symmetrical parts on multi axis turning machines and
  • Cubical parts on palette loaded machining centres

We are specialized in:

  • Deep hold boring using machines which were developed by us
  • Internal, external, flat and round grinding
  • Honing, lapping, producing precision radii
  • Assembly of complete units in clean room conditions
    (absolutely dust free)


The machining centre has profited from the long-term development of DUAP and is today in the position to operate as an independent profit centre.

We work mainly for the aerospace, medical, turbocharger, security, engine, turbine, defence industries and for special processes where the highest quality is demanded.

The all embracing professional competence of our staff and our modern infrastructure provide the necessary preconditions for satisfying the many demands of our widely distributed customer base.