Heat Treatment (Hardening)

In addition to our internal requirements for EFI Diesels and  high precision parts, the heat treatment plant works mainly  (i.e. more than 80% of the total turnover) for third parties, who measure performance by the durability of these products.

Know How

  • We have extensive experience with the general thermal treatment processes as well as with specific processes developed for individual applications.
  • We focus on the metallurgical analysis and provide our customers with these analyses and relevant laboratory certificates.
  • We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001

Our equipment is computer controlled and is available to our customers seven days a week.  As a result we can collect the customers’ goods before the weekend and deliver them back in time for the beginning of the next week.

Focus on Essentials

Our customers gain from the professional way in which our staff can load and feed the hardening and annealing furnaces as well as the equipment for vacuum nitriding, carbon nitriding, annealing and soft nitriding. In these areas we have developed our own processes to
meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Today a modern heat treatment plant can only be operated with its own metallurgical laboratory and with close connection to material research institutes such as EMPA, ETH etc. Consequently we have specialists available in the area of ships maintenance, hardness measurement including measuring the depth of hardness. This is complemented by our own test equipment which is up to the latest technical standard.