Fuel Injection Systems

Injection Systems (EFI) Diesels

DUAP develops, manufactures and sells complete injection systems and their spare parts throughout the world. A reconditioning service is also offered to the original manufacturer of large diesel engines. In this way a long term co-operation is built up between the suppliers and the users of our products.

DUAP also continues to develop spare parts such as nozzles,pump elements, constant pressure valves and delivery valves to ensure the continued economic viability of older engines even after the engine builder has ceased further development, for example the very popular DUATOP nozzle solution.

Common Rail

DUATRONWith the launch of complete common rail systems (EFI Diesels) electronic components have joined our range under the brand DUA­TRON. These components complement the functioning of our DUARAIL systems in an optimal way. The mechanical, hydraulic and electronic facets of our system are carefully matched one to another in order to provide the ideal overall system. The results are: long life of the engines, lower fuel consumption and reduced outputs of NOX and HC providing a significant benefit to our customers and the engine operators (shipowners, energy producers, railways etc.)

Diesel, Light Fuel, Heavy Fuel, Gas

DUAP has focussed on Diesel engines, Heavy Fuel engines and pilotinjection systems on gas engines. In the area of large diesel engines we cover all applications.

Our systems are installed on main and auxiliary Diesels engines on ships as well as on locomotives and industrial power generating stations. The power range goes from 500 kW to 20 000 kW. With the combination of several high pressure pumps in pressure units a considerable greater power range can be covered.

DUAP offers the highest quality with all its components: pump elements,pressure valves, injection nozzles and injection systems. Leading engine builders and their customers rely on our products thanks to our experience and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.


Example: Stationary Applications with 35’000 KW Output

Gas injection for large engines

  • E =

    Electronical, mechanical, hydraulical

  • F =

    Fuel means: Diesel, HFO, Gas, Biomass

  • I =

    Injection up to >2000 bar

  • DI =

    Diesel, 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke

  • E =

    Engines for ships, energy production, locomotives, big trucks

  • S =

    Special (designed)

  • E =

     Executions (very light, small, big, etc.)

  • L =

    large 500 kW–20 000 kW and more

  • S =

    size 6 Cyl.–24 Cyl.